Fall Semester: Begin.

My fall semester classes are turning out to be excellent.  I’m especially digging my english class, Studies in US Literature I.  Or, as my professor says it should be called, “How to Read Moby Dick”.  I’ve heard a lot of grumbling and dissent about reading Moby Dick, but, to tell the truth, I’m really enjoying it.  Especially all the reflective and reactive writing we’ve been assigned to do on it.  Plus, the discussions in class are really riveting, and at times, hysterical.

Anyway, I’ve been doing pretty well in the classes for the first few days (even though I don’t have my textbooks yet.  Eesh.), so I’m really glad about which ones I chose.  They’re all pretty interesting, as it turns out, so we’ll see.  Hopefully this semester won’t be too tough with all the work though.  Four classes at BCC plus two at FFS.  This is going to be a challenge, but, just as much, I think this is going to be a pleasure.